MEGA KIDS offers for your little ones

Service packages for 2024/2025.


Our basic services are grouped into several service packages.

Service packages are valid from September 1st 2024

Mega Kids Basic Package for children aged from 2-7 years old.

ackage includes:

  • all day stay of the child in PU Mega Kids , weekdays from 7am to 6pm,
  • the child participates in all activities provided for in the schedule of daily activities, which includes all creative workshops,
  • 4 meals a day;
  • educational activities take place under the professional guidance of a teacher, a nurse, a pediatric nurse, an english teacher, a pedagogue and a speech therapist.

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MEGA KIDS - Four hour package for kids aged from 1-7

ackage includes:

  • Four hour stay of the child in PU Mega Kids in the period from 7am to 6 pm on weekdays;
  • The child participates in all activities that are provided for in the scheduele for daily activities which includes all creative workshops at the time of the child’s stay in the kindergarten and educational center,
  • all meals served during the childs stay

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Nursery group 10- 24 months

T his package includes group of four children, a nurse-educator is in charge of their care and nursing at Mega Kids. Through activities we encourage the following aspects of childrens development:

  • physical development
  • intellectual development
  • language development
  • socio-emotional development
  • artistic development.

MEGA KIDS NURSERY - basic package for children from 10 to 24 months

ackage includes:

  • All-day stay of the child in Mega Kids, weekdays from 7am to 6pm,
  • the child participates in all activities provided for in the schedule of daily activities,
  • 4 meals a day;
  • educational activities take place under the professional guidance of a teacher, a nurse, a pediatric nurse, a pedagogue and a coach

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Art School
Children learn to develop imagination, distinguish colors and textures. Drawing allows them to express themselves freely, which is of great importance in the period when they cannot yet express their toughts and feelings in this world. Children practice attention and concentration, gain a sense of color harmony...

Music school
Music is one of the main drivers of childrens movement and emotional expression. Music contributes to the sense of rythm, develops a sense of beauty and value. Children develop vocal abilities, develop the ability to sing correctly, individually and in groups with instruments. Musical is adapted to their age.

English language school
Children will learn more easily and have the opportunity to express themselves in english through acting, music and teamwork. Early learning of a forign language helps to expand knowledge, makes the learning of mother tongue easier, influences the development of creativity and the development of social skills. English language school is held twice a week. English language school is attended by children from 3 to 7 years old with the prior professional opinion of our speech therapist and pedagogue.

Drama School
Through this program, children find a personal experience in stage play. They learn different texts, adaptation of movements, voice, attitude and emotions on stage. Children learn to get rid of nervousness and practice concentration.

Mathematic school
From the youngest age, children start using numbers, calculation operations, geometry and slowly prepare for further education. School-age children have the opportunity to do homework with the teacher, prepare for upcoming lessons, practice the tasks and solve mathematical problems.

Geography school
This school introduces children to their country, customs, religions, and other foreign countries and cities. We follow the seasons, participate in various simple experiments.

School of nice speech and behavior
Through reading various content we prepare for the first letters, reading and writing. Younger children learn with the teacher, develop their imagination, enrich their mother tounge, while older school aged children work with the teacher on the prescribed material that follows the curiculum from grades 1 to 4. The school of nice speech and behavior is an integral part of our stay at Mega Kids.

Speaking language school
This school involves enriching childrens vocabulary, developing verbal and non-verbal communication, encouraging children to express themselves verbally. Exercises are carried out through talking, describing, naming objects, through sound...


School of sports
The sports school is adapted to the age of children from 18 months to 7 years. Children develop certain motor skills, children are educated about healthy nutrition, hygiene, and the importance of a healthy lifestyle. The sports school is a programe that teaches children to love physical activity from an early age and develop healthy lifestyle habits. The school is held twice a week under the supervision of a coach.

Dance school
The dance school is suitable for ages 18 months to 7 years. The goal is to influence children's muscle development, motor skills, proper posture, flexibility, balance, fitness, as well as developing a sense of rhythm and movement. In addition to the children's proper development, they have the possibility of creative expression and familiarization with different types of dance. The dance school includes 2 lessons a week lasting 45 minutes each.


The Salt Room
The salt room is a specially equipped room for halotherapy where the walls and floor are covered with medical salt and the halogenerator that is essensial for this type of treatment. Staying in the saltroom improves the general condition of the body. It most often contributes to the treatment of the respiratory system, but it also has beneficial effect for the work of the glands, allergies, skin, general mood...

Note* This type of treatment is part of the basic program for users of the services of the Mega Kids 4 facility. The service is also available for kids from other Mega Kids facilities for a certain fee, which includes transportation to the kindergarten where the treatment is carried out.

Corrective gymnastics
It includes the regular, preventive systematic examination with a physiotherapist, which is the basis for regular monitoring of the childs growth and development. Corrective gymnastics is a set of physical, dosed exercises by intensity, type and duration, which are applied preventively for children who have a predisposition for some of the postural deformities or they already exist.

Note* This type of treatment is part of the basic program for users of the services of the Mega Kids 5 facility. The service is also available for users from other Mega Kids facilities for a certain fee.


Childrens overnight in Kindergarten
If necessary and at the request of our little ones or parents, we organize overnight stays for children at Mega Kids. Overnight stays are grouped. Overnight stays are organized in the period from 6pm to 9am on the following day.

Childrens stay outside working hours
Every additional hour that children spend in Mega Kids outside of working hours and outside of their package is additionally paid for.

Transportation of children
In our kindregarten, you can use the child transportation service, which includes the daily transportation of the child from home to kindergarten and from kindergarten to home. Payment is made on a monthly basis.

Speech therapy
Our kindergarten provides a service of free testing of children with the possibilities of observation, detection, prevention and eliminations of disorders in the speech and language development of children. Through games and fun exercises, we work on speech stimulation, vocabulary enrichment, attention and concentration are extended, the sounds of the mother tongue are corrected and the development of grossand fine motor skills is encouraged.

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