Physiotherapy room

Work with a physiotherapist - prevention and elimination of deformities

The results of systematic examinations of children show that postural disorders (poor posture) and deformities of the spine and feet are increasing year by year. Regular systematic examinations are first and foremost preventive, but they are also important due to the regular monitoring of the child’s growth and development. Thanks to them, deformities can be observed, which can be successfully treated in large numbers if detected on time. Mega Kids recognized the need to provide parents and children with this type of treatment within our regular program, as an institution that puts children’s health and their proper growth and development as the basis of happy growing up and healthy childhood.

Physiotherapy room mega kids
Physiotherapy room mega kids

Thanks to exceptional dedication in the individual approach to each child, high-quality equipment of the physiotherapy room and highly educated staff, Mega Kids allows you to act preventively on the appearance of deformities or early detection of any irregularities in the development of your little ones. The main task of our physiotherapist is to have a positive influence on the health and proper growth and development of the child.

Regular examinations of children are important to prevent foot and spine deformities.

The review includes a detailed assessment that determines:

  • Posture
  • active and passive mobility of the spine and all joints
  • weight and height measurement
  • speed, dexterity and coordination.

Exercises from the corrective gymnastics program aim to prevent possible deformities and ensure proper development of the child. Exercises directly affect the muscles and joints, but also the body as a whole.

Physiotherapy room mega kids
Physiotherapy room mega kids

Exercises with a physiotherapist are based on the prevention and elimination of spinal column deformities (exercises to correct bad posture, scoliosis, lordosis and kyphosis), lower extremities( exercises for flat feet, exercises for X and O legs), exercises to improve gross and fine motor skills of the upper extremities, breathing exercises, general fitness exercises, training in protective positions and movements in activities of daily life.

Exercises are preformed dosed according to intensity, type and duration and can be applied preventively in order to prevent the occurrence of deformities or therapeutically, if they already exist.

The best results are given by the child’s individual work with a physiotherapist.


The diagnosis is made by a physiatrist and prescribes the type of physical therapy and medical exercises, and the physiotherapist performs the prescribed exercises.

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