Mega Kids 4 is located at Zemunska 31, in Novi Beograd. Educational activities are organized in an area of 600 m2 in modernly equipped rooms, where various educational and didactic materials are available to the children. In addition to central heating, the entire building is covered with underfloor heating. In addition to two yards( front and back yard, total area of 300m2), two dining rooms, three toilets and a room for afternoon rest, children can spend the day in the language center, the traffic center, the role center, the ‘World around us’ center, game room, sports center, sensory motor room, according to their interests.

Sensory motor room is intended to stimulate the sense of touch, sight, hearing and motor development. The sensory environment creates a relaxing and soothing effect, but it also increases concentration and attention, improves mobility, creativity and communication.

The sports center, with a total area of 50m2, allows children to engage in sports activities even when the weather does not allow them to be outside. The sports equipment is also available for physical activities preformed in the Kindergarten yard.

Also, Mega Kids 4 offers the possibility of children staying in a salt room, which improves the general health of the organism. Staying in a salt room contributes to the treatment of the glands, allergies, skin, general mood...

All our facilities are supplied with food from our central kitchen, prepared in cooperation with a nutritionist, taking into account the nutritional needs of children of all ages.

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