Mega Kids 5 is located at Marka Nikolica 17, in Zemun, close to Zemunski kej. Educational activities are organized in an area of 700m2 in modernly equipped rooms, where various educational and didactic materials are available to the children.

In addition to the spacious yard (total area of about 500m2), two dining rooms, four toilets and a room for afternoon rest, during the day, children can stay in the educational center, the language center( within which we have a library corner, a music corner, an ethnic and creative corner), traffic and cognitive center, speech development center, role center, ‘World around us’ center, game room, sports hall and sports room, as well as in the summer classroom, depending on their interests.

The speech development center is intended for children of all ages. Through different types of content, live speech, retelling, describing, naming objects, recognizing sounds, we work on enriching children’s vocabulary, developing verbal and non-verbal communication, as well as encouraging them to express themselves verbally.

The educational center is intended for children to develop attention and concentration. All individual and group classes of the English language school and classes with speech therapist, as well as all educational workshops are held within this center. Also, in this room, our preschoolers practice sitting and following the activities for 45 minutes, as an excellent preparation for school.

The cognitive and construction center is the center for the development of perception, thinking, reasoning, memory, imagining and learning. Construction games are activities in which the child shapes material, builds, arranges, notices differences, develops creative thinking, searches for a solution, develops fine motor skills, movement, coordination...

The art center is intended to encourage creative thinking and creativity through various methods and techniques of creative and artistic expression.

The summer classroom in Mega Kids is a terrace of about 150 m2, secured with a protective net, intended for activities within the plan and program that can be carried out in the fresh air and enable children to spend more time in nature and outdoors.

The sports hall, with a total area of 80m2, allows children to engage in sports activities even when the weather does not allow them to be outside. In addition to sports and recreational activities, sports fields, our little ones are educated about healthy nutrition, hygiene, healthy lifestyle. We learn to develop love for sports and competitive spirit.

Also, Mega Kids 5 within its premises and regular program has a physiotherapy room, designed for regular examinations by physiotherapist, in order to prevent deformities and disorders of the spinal column and feet, but also for continuous monitoring of the child’s growth and development. Thanks to the exceptional dedication in the individual approach to each child, the high-quality equipment of the physiotherapy room and the highly educated staff, Mega Kids enables you to detect any irregularities in the development of your little ones at an early stage.

All our facilities are supplied with food from our central kitchen, prepared in cooperation with a nutritionist, taking into account the nutritional needs of children of all ages.

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