Mega Kids 6 is located at Nušićeva 4 in Zemun. The kindergarten is surrounded by greenery and is located in a quiet part of town, near the Gardoš tower.

Educational activities are organized in an area of 550m2. Modernly equipped according to pedagogical standards that encourage children to progress and learn with ease. In addition to two dining rooms, three toilets and a large yard of 400m2, during the day, children can stay in the language center, music and theatre center, role-playing center, sports room, center for individual activities, educational center, traffic center, planetarium, library and via sensus room.

The sports room is a beautiful space equipped with modern and innovative elements. For example, pool with balls, which is children’s favorite place to be.

The planetarium is the result of listening to the children’s needs and their wish to have a room dedicated to one of their favorite topics- space and planets.

The library is an interesting center for children. It helps them strengthen their love for book at an early age. It is also a room where they can relax and listen to their favorite stories.

VIA SENSUS is a center dedicated to foot reflexology and establishment of balance of the entire organism by improving the energy flow. Reflexology improves circulation, muscle tone, relieves stress and tension.

The backyard of the Mega Kids 6 is spacious and adapted to the need of children. They spend their time enjoying and playing in the fairy-tale house, swinging and riding motorbikes, cars and scooters.

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Enrollment is in progress - 065 340 93 66 i 064 649 53 46

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