About Us


our_team_2 MEGA KIDS 1 is located in Novi Beograd (Bezanijska Kosa).
MEGA KIDS 2 is located in Novi Beograd (Ledine)
MEGA KIDS 3 se is located on the territory of Zemun.
The space where children stay is bright and pleasant, adapted to the needs of children, modern and safely equipped.
Mega Kids has classrooms for preschool education, a room for games and additional activities, a rest room, a dining room and a kitchen, as well as child friendly toilets. The work plan and program includes the psycho-physical development of children, professional and carefully selected staff who are comitted to quality educational work in small groups. We try to ensure that the children spend as much time as possible in the fresh air and participate in sports activities. Our goal is to provide children with happy and carefree childhood and to prepare them for further education. We want the child to became independet, to make his first friends, to love people and nature.
         Our space is filled with laughter, there is a pleasant and warm atmosphere, so come and enjoy growing up together.



our_team_2 We are company with experience that successfully operates in the entire territory of Belgrade. Mega Kids kindergarten attaches great importance to proper and high quality nutrition of children. Our Mega catering kitchen was born from the need to provide our children with a meal that is planned to meet the childrens energy needs.
      The quality of our services is at a high level. We carefully select the highest quality meat products and the freshest vegetables and fruits. The size of the meal meets all the caloric needs of our body. Food is prepared in best-equipped kitchen with a team of experts working to prepare the healthiest meals for you. Our kitchen is equipped according to the highest level of hygiene in modern equipment that promotes healthy food storage and keeping the food warm.
     You get a high- quality, balanced meal for you or your youngest that contains a sufficient amount of protein, carbohydrates, fats and vitamins that allow your body to function normally. We offer the healthiest meals for children with allergies to eggs, gluten, dairy products, preparation of vegan and vegetarian meals.


This is OUR TEAM

Our team of people are highly educated experts in their work, professional, with many years of experience. They are always available to children, individually or in a group.