Health Room In Mega Kids

Our Kindergarten MEGA KIDS (as an institution where children spend the most of their day), provides good conditions for the preservation of the physical and mental health for children, encourages successful emotional and social development through the various activities and facilities we provide. In addition to regular activities, being in the fresh air, physical activities, adequate nutrition, a specially equipped room- Health room stands out as a convenience.

The advantages of this room relate to the prevention or timely response to the appearance of diseases and deformities with experts (physiotherapist, pediatrician, dentist, speech therapist...), monitoring the general state of the body and ensuring the basic human need for healthy and quality air (purifiers and air humidifiers of the last generation).

The health room (the only one in our region within a preschool institution) is an innovative and specialized room for continuous and planned monitoring of children’s development from all aspects of medicine , which involves the involvement professionals licensed in the field of medicine.

Health Room In Mega Kids mega kids

The annual plan and program of quality development of children implies the selection of two professionals for the current year ( for the year 2022, the planned professionals are a physiotherapist and a special pediatrician) who will monitor the children’s progress on a monthly basis and present their observations in the form of written reports.

The daily presence of a physiotherapist in a preschool institution aims to prevent the occurrence of possible deformities, to ensure the proper development of the child, which directly affects the muscles and joints, but also the body as a whole. Exercises with a physiotherapist are based on the prevention and elimination of deformities of the spinal column, lower extremities, exercises to improve gross and fine motor skills of the upper extremities, breathing exercises, general fitness exercises, training in protective positions and movements in activities of daily life.

Health Room In Mega Kids mega kids

Examination by a pediatrician specialist implies a systematic examination, that is, a preventive examination of healthy children. As a part of systematic examinations, the growth and development of the child is monitored, advice on nutrition is given, it enables early detection of acute diseases in the collective, early recognition of chronic problems of children through periodic examinations. These types of examinations are important in order to prevent the occurrence of the diseases, early detection of health disorders and therefore greater success of therapy, if it is needed. The permanent goal of Mega Kids is to improve health, because taking care of children’s health is an investment in their healthy future.

Numerous scientific researches conducted in the past decades have shown that the period from conception to the end of the third year of life is extremely important for the quality development of the child, his health and lifelong social success. In that crucial period, the brain grows and develops the fastest, children learn the fastest, what is invested in development lasts forever. What is missed in that period cannot be compensated and is crucial for the overall physical, sensor and motor, cognitive and emotional development, with a significant impact on later achievements and health in adulthood.

The starting point of the preschool institution Mega Kids is the health care system in order to improve the quality of the health of the children in the institution. Commitment to and support for early childhood health and development has increased in recent years. Monitoring the development of children in all aspects of their progress( speech development, gross and fine motor skills, cognitive abilities, general state of the organism...) is of the key importance in order for the child to realize its full potential and to ensure a healthy future for them.

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