Via Sensus Room

Via Sensus Room

Reflexology is a holistic therapy that brings the whole organism into balance, through the massage of reflex points on the feet. Reflexology is an ancient method that restores the balance of the entire organism by improving the energy flow. It originated in India and today it is spread on all continents. In some countries, it is integrated with modern medicine, in order to achieve the overall well-being of each individual.

The science of reflexology is based on the fact that there are certain reflex zones in the feet, hands and ears that correspond to all glands, organs and parts of the body. Specially designed polygons serve to stimulate the reflex points on the user’s feet and have a positive effect on the overall health of the organism.

Reflexology is a method that helps the body to achieve balance in each of its functions. It is also used as prevention and as a method to achieve balance between the system and a good flow of energy. It deals not only with physical symptoms, but with the whole person. This kind of therapy pays attention to emotions, as well as the mental and spiritual state of each person. Via Sensus is a path made of different shapes of ceramic stones that stimulate many zones in the body as well as the feet. The surface of the stone stimulates the entire organism, the respiratory tract, the neck, as well as digestion and brain development. It relaxes the muscles, the flow of energy through the body, breaks down blockages and creates a feeling of relaxation that lasts for a long time.

Reflexology initiates the cleansing of the body, as all eliminative organs and the lymphatic system are stimulated, metabolism is accelerated, circulation is improved and the nervous system is calmed. It can also be of great help with skin problem such as dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema and vitiligo.

The benefits of using the Via Sensus polygon are numerous- from the proper development of the arch of the foot, to the strengthening of neurological connections in the peripheral and central nervous system.

The advantages of using Via Sensus treatment are:

  • Better circulation,
  • better flow of lymph and other body substances,
  • improved muscle tone,
  • healthier ligaments and tendons,
  • improved posture,
  • helps with stress and tension.

Reflexology can improve and relieve anxiety. Troubles of the respiratory system: chronic and acute sinusitis, tinnitus, asthma, allergies, migraines, headaches, etc. All parts of the body are represented on the feet, and reflex points are formed, which reflect each part of the body. The human body is mapped on the feet. The right foot is connected to the right side of the body and the left foot to the left side. With a specific massage of those reflex points, we discover where there is a blockage of energy( imbalance) in the body and remove it.

Via Sensus - Refleksologija stopala mega kids

When babies cry or experience certain discomfort, they usually reflexively rub their arms, legs and belly. In this way, they calm down. There are reflex points on the palm and foot that correspond to certain organs. By massaging those points, baby can be soothed with the instructions below.

Via Sensus - Refleksologija stopala mega kids

1. Head and teeth

The tips of the fingers correspond to the area of the baby’s head and teeth. Massaging them can be especially helpful when your baby is teething. By gently pressing on those small areas, we will calm the baby when it cries.

Via Sensus - Refleksologija stopala mega kids

2. The sinuses

The center of the toes correspond to the baby’s sinuses. If the baby sniffles non-stop, has a runny nose or has difficulty breathing due to mucus, massaging the central area of the toes will soothe the symptoms.

Via Sensus - Refleksologija stopala mega kids

3. Lungs

An infection or cold, if left untreated, can lead to difficulty breathing, eating and sleeping. Symptoms are soothed by gently rubbing the area just below the knuckles- which corresponds to lungs.

Via Sensus - Refleksologija stopala mega kids

4. The area between the navel and the chest

In the abdomen, behind the stomach, there is a network of nerves from where discomfort, abdominal pain, cramps and breathing problems can come. Try to apply light pressure in the area just below the base of the toes.

Via Sensus - Refleksologija stopala mega kids

5. Upper abdomen

Gently rub the center of the foot that corresponds to the upper part of the abdomen. The child will feel relief.

Sensory stimulation of the feet is important throughout life, however early childhood is a particularly crucial period for stimulation as it represents the peak of neurodevelopment. About 90 percent of the brain develops during the first six years of life. During this period, the child’s neural pathways form and change in response to stimuli, including that from the feet. For healthy growth, the child’s foot needs to feel all the surfaces from the environment. Stimulation of the feet is best when the foot touches the ground without a barrier- footwear. This promotes the natural movement needed for proper posture, better balance and coordination.

The best way for a child to walk is by learning to walk with bare feet. This allows the child to feel supported and develop muscles. The foot muscles sense the surface being walked on and toes spread to maintain the balance. With bare feet, the foot will adapt to the unevenness of the ground and become stronger, which is very beneficial for the health of the child’s foot. By walking on a path made of stones and sand, the child strengthens the muscles of the feet and this activity allows the child to explore its senses. Walking this path is an important step towards better health, including mood and flexibility.

Today, feet are very neglected, and even 90 percent of people have some form of foot deformity. Unfortunately, more and more children are born with different congenital deformities of the feet, which, if not solved on time, can lead to serious problems with booth the feet and spinal column, which is the main pillar of support for our posture. Let’s remember that people were previously in a much deeper relationship with nature, there was direct contact with earth and walking barefoot directly stimulated the reflex zones. With reflexology, we stimulate the nervous system via the spinal cord, affect the sympathetic nervous system and stimulate the production of good hormones, endorphins and serotonin.

Reflexology treatment can be repeated every day for 10 to 20 days or once a week. It is applicable for both, children and adults. Fifteen minutes a day is the recommended time for a child to walk on the polygon. For the best effect it is recommended a set of four or five linked treatments, once a week. It is applied in accordance with individual needs, some children need more treatments, while others need less.

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